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Freedom to select embryos  

New Member

so here’s my sit at the table- there should be no choice at all. Before baby is born there’s always only one hope and one sentence future parents say „I just want him/her to be healthy”. And that’s it for me. You are given healthy baby and the rest is left to God/nature/luck call it however you want. Of course we all want our kids to be doctors, scientist, presidents or whatever perfect future job we see for them but thats not our choice. We need variety in our world. We dont need just very inteligent people, fast, pretty people. That would be the best way to create system instead of life- „ here’s your baby, congrats, 26 years from now he will be a lawyer, oh and thats your baby, just dont put too much pressure on your son because the best he can do is being a salesman”. I do not wish for my kid to live in the world where there’s no place for dreams, no place for challenging yourself, no place for wanting more. And I cant remember who said it but „the more inteligent you are the less happy you are” so if being less smart is the price for being happy then yeah I dont need Einstein in my home I just need healthy, smiling middlebrow.

Topic starter Posted : 23/05/2019 2:00 pm
New Member

that's fantastic Oktavka, thanks for sharing. I really think yours is a moderate, ethical, righteous way of looking at it. But in this capitalistic system where we have to outperform others in order not to get into recession, this option also seems a bit naive. China doesn't care, they can do whatever they please. And they started already. They've put "human brain genes" into 5 chimps in order to make em smarter. this is the article . Your book is outdated again Jamie hahaha.

Don't mean to be the party pooper, but somebody has to.

I think the only way not to screw this up like we did with the planet, is for us to move to a new system where profit is not the most important thing, and where the preservation of life is the target.

Posted : 30/05/2019 6:20 am