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Autorun heavy duty pneumatic actuator is a piston-type actuator that is suitable for switching off or proportional control of valves with 90° angles (such as ball valves, butterfly valves, and plug valves). ISO 5211 standards for easy valve mounting and replacement.
• Large torque
• Robust yet light weight design
• Manual override options
• Double acting and spring return models
• ISO 5211 mounting pattern
• Wear resistance
• Corrosion resistance
• Female double square output drive
• Namur mounting pad for direct mount solenoid valves
• Standard VDI/VDE 3845 mounting for top mount accessories
• High cycle life with low friction bearings on all moving and sliding surfaces
Air supply pressure: 3 bar~6bar
Travel Adjustment: 90°± 6°
Operating temperature: -20 ~ +80° C
Type: Double acting, Single acting (spring return)
Optional accessories: Limit switch box, Solenoid valve, Electro-pneumatic positioner, Air regulator
Lubrication: All the moving parts are coated with lubricants, extending their service life
Application: Either indoor or outdoor
The compressed air enters the cylinder and pushes the piston to move linearly. The piston through the piston pin and the fork U-shaped groove design converts the linear motion of the piston into the rotary motion of the york, and the rotation of the york drives the output shaft to rotate, thereby realizing the control of the valve.
• Namur solenoid pilot valve
• Open/close monitor limit switch box
• Electro-Pneumatic positioner 4-20m input and output
BodyExtruded aluminium, anodizing
PistonsDie-casted aluminium alloy
Drive ShaftCarbon steel, nickel plated
CamStainless steel/Carbon steel
End Covers Die-cast aluminium, polyester coating
Springs (spring return model)Pre-compressed cartridges, polyester coating
Fasteners304 stainless steel
Supply Air ConnectionG1/8", G1/4"
Why choose us?
1. We are factory, we have the advantage of price, technical and OEM service.
2. Strictly consistent with original standard, we don’t change quality to reduce cost.
3. Quality is the life of Autorun, we are devotedly to the highest levels of production and service. Our commitment to quality cuts across each product. We use a wide range of testing instruments to ensure we are providing quality products.
4. At Autorun , we pride ourselves on delivering quality actuators and valves quickly.
5. With intensified competition, more and more companies understand that competitiveness cannot be built only through price. Autorun is not only cost competitive, but also a “Fully Integrated Supplier”. Our focus is to develop world class products and services to support customers’ needs. We believe our competitive advantage is Autorun’s comprehensive product lines, design improvement, sales and service team.
6. We accept small order as well. Custom make & OEM special pneumatic actuator according to detail requirement.
7. We attend oversea exhibition every year. Meanwhile, we visit our customer to know and inform our customer’s the new products, market direction. We solve customer’s problem in time.
8. In-house engineering experienced with pneumatic actuator design.
9. Dedicated sales team, dedicated engineering team, and dedicated production management team coupled with direct management involvement benefits our customers!
10. Most of our customers provide us with product or packaging specifications right on their design prints. We would be happy to work with you to fulfill your requirements. Heavy Duty Pneumatic Actuator manufacturers



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